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About Animal donation

“Animal Donation” is providing a website with supporting people who do their best for animal welfare. If you would like to do something like "I want to donate, but I don’t know where I should do" You could participate at any time with your with your "Love(Devotion/Passion) (Kimochi)" as your donation. It is the first in Japan as the Donation website specialized for animal welfare operated by a public interest group corporation, “Animal Donation”.

Dogs and cats in Japan are in need of our help.

  • 40 dogs and cats are
    euthanized everyday

    40 animals /a day

    There is a boom in the popularity of owning pets, however, many are losing their lives all for the convenience of humans. Trivial reasons such as: the dogs are getting too old, owners are going through a divorce, the pets are causing children allergies, the dogs bark too much, and the breeding system is failing are enough cause for action against these animals.
    40 dogs and cats are euthanized every day. This is the harsh reality these animals face in Japan. Compared with advanced countries such as England and Germany, Japan is said to be quite primitive when it comes to animal welfare.
    Moreover, many of these animals are inhumanly euthanized due to the fact that many governmental shelters still utilize carbon dioxide gas; forcing these animals to suffer at the time of death. This is still common practice throughout Japan.

  • The number of domestic dogs and cats
    is exceedingly higher than the number of children.

    1588 million animals

    As the birthrate continues to decline among Japanese citizens, the number of pets greatly outweighs that of all children under the age of 15.
    According to an announcement made by The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications on April 1st 2023, the number of children under the age of 15 was 14,350,000, which is 300,000 less than the year before. This number has been rapidly declining for 42 years since 1982, and stands as the worst in history.
    Surprisingly, the total number of domestic dogs and cats in 2022, was 15,880,000, which easily topped the number of children (according to the research of The Pet Food Association). However, there is now a trend towards a decrease in the number of domestic dogs owned, and the boom in popularity for pets is starting to become a thing of the past.

  • Lives are saved through donations.
    The goal is to rescue all lives

    40,000〜50,000 yen

    These animal conservation charities are run completely by civilians who volunteer in order to rescue dogs and cats from administrative agencies such as animal shelters.
    After the dogs and cats have been rescued, the general start-up living expenses is said to be about 50,000 yen per dog. This includes medical expenses, food, toilet sheets, grooming fees etc.
    Such movements are supported solely by donations.

About our Action Philosophy towards our activities

Our mission is to "lead Japan's animal welfare the world's top level."

Animal donation creates a community to connect people who want to support groups through donation to organizations & associations with working hard for animal welfare activities for making a happy society where people and animals can live together as a good partner.

We are communicating openly to you about the organization & associations’ activities in an easy-to-understand manner, and when you want to make a donation, you can donate immediately and consequently, we engage in building the structure to ensure that the donation is delivered to the group.

We are aiming to raise the animal welfare of Japan to the world top level, while working closely with those affiliated organizations, experts and companies, so People who would like to do something for their beloved animals can take their suitable actions.

Aiming for a society full of smiles with the motto "Donation carries happiness".

We do not think that animal donation is "donation = donation money".

Because the word “donation” has these meanings;

1. Act to cooperate with charity for common purpose
2. Items voluntarily presented for valuable purposes (cash, service, ideas)

Whatever your style(manner), we think it is also a “donation” to make use of your own energy (power, ability, force, support, courage, etc) for animals. For example, it would also be a donation activity to tell your friends the existence of animals in an unfriendly environment. Your action of welcoming a homeless animal would be also a donation. Your “pro bono publico” activity with utilizing your professional skill would also be a donation activity enriching your life.

"Act(Deliver/Express)on Your Love(Charity/love on animals)”

Animal Donation aims to foster donation culture in animal welfare and other fields. And then, many people can act and contribute to making society with rich feelings.

About Behavioral guideline (Activity Stance)

  1. Animal donation is an intermediate support organization.

    We hear a voice that "I want to make a donation, but I do not know where I can make a donation." For those who could not choose a association/organization for donation, we would like to be a counselor with advise as much as possible for your reference. We are fostering hard to build a donation structure with thinking where your donation with your love and action should deliver.

  2. We will interview a candidate organization over and over again to strictly select certified organizations.

    In addition to clarifying the criteria for certification, we place great importance to communicate with their staff members, including representatives of each organization.
    We will hold an interview and visit the site to survey many times and collect their information. Finally, after approval by the board of deliberation committee organized with external intellectuals/experts, like this strict process, the Board of Directors will finalize the certification.

    After certification, we will have deeper communication. And our Anidone researcher will support each group as person in charge. They always think what to do for them to grow together.

    There are 39 certified organizations consisting of four fields (protection group, animal assisted interventions group, companion group, edification group), so we could support improvement of animal welfare in Japan well-balanced. Of course, besides "collectively donate to all certified organizations", you can also donate by focusing on one field and choosing one group and donating.

  3. As soon as we receive donation, we are delivering it to the certified organizations.

    By delivering stable funds quickly, their range of activities will broaden. Therefore, at the end of the next month when donations are transferred to animal donation, we deliver its donation to each organization immediately.

  4. Make it alive, with publicizing certified group activities and usage of donation.

    We assign responsible researchers for each certified organization and are striving to "visualize" their activities through active information gathering and publicizing. We actively support certified organizations’ activities, such as their event announcement and sharing examples of other organizations, to increase our value of the Anidone community.

  5. “Donation tax deduction” is applied for Animal Donation, a public interest corporation.

    Because we have received the certification of public interest corporation from the Cabinet Office in April 2015, we can apply preferential taxation to your donation to Animal Donation. As public interest corporation management is required for stability and fairness, it is effectively utilized for creating disciplined organizations.

  6. Animal Donation organized by members with professional skills and consciousness.

    Approximately 40 members including member of board of directors, auditor-secretary, deliberation committee members, outsourcers, etc. participate in Animal Donation activities with their skills and thoughts. Most of them are members of Pro bono (volunteer activities that contribute to society by making use of knowledge and skills), we value neutrality, brightness, and dialogue with society. We are also implementing to "Act on your Love" I will.

Dogs Saved by Donations

In Japan, there is a cruel fact of euthanasia, on the other hand, there are many groups and volunteers who rescue the dogs and the cats, and search for foster homes.
Let's introduce some foster parents who chose to live with rescued dogs.


    Episode 1
    ~ Ms. Ai Ochiai with Momiji the Pug ~

    “She is a blind dog, but she is simply our loved one.”

    Ms. Ai and her husband were living with dogs from their childhood. That’s why they know dogs well. They adopted a blind pug “Momiji” who was rescued from a brokedown puppy mill. Momiji was estimated 6 years old at that time. Momiji could not show her expression at the beginning, because she had not communicated with humans until then.

    Besides, it was recognized that Momiji had suffered from epileptic stroke after adopted.
    She sometimes admitted to hospital when the attack was severe and often in life-threatening danger. She once was unable to walk easily because after effect of disease, but now, she can walk again by hard rehabilitation.

    “Momiji has a really strong viability!” Momiji is spending a time calmly at her own pace. That is our happiness. Anyway, I hope Momiji lives a longer and spends a loving time with us as long as possible.”, said Ms. Ai.
    Momiji had a sad experience and have the chronic disease, however, the talent to make her owner happy was the best.

    ◆Family members; Ms. Ai, husband, Sakura (Pug, 14 years old) and Momiji (Pug, 11 years old)


    Episode 2
    ~ Shinjiro with Yotsuba the cavalier king charles spaniel ~

    “Want to live with a dog again, and prefer to adopt a rescued dog”

    Who was wanted to adopt a rescued dog was a 11- year-old boy, Shinjiro Uno, who love playing baseball.
    In fact, his family had an experience of the puppy walker of a guide dog; that the volunteer who raises a puppy to a guide dog candidate until around 1-year-old after being born. The experience made him found out what a wonderful dogs are.
    He also learned about a rescued dog through TV program at the same time.
    He determined that would like to adopt a rescued dog next opportunity.

    He was met Yotsuba the cavalier at an adoption.
    Yotsuba felt into a sound sleep when Shinjiro hold her in his arms.
    It's attracted by her prettiness, they have decided on her.
    “The living with dogs tell us responsibility of having irreplaceable lives in our hands and importance of the existence whom gives loves, be given love and cure each other.”, his parents said.

    ◆Family members; Shinjiro with two brothers, parents, Yotsuba (the cavalier, 1 years old)


    Episode 3
    ~ Rie with Tino the toy poodle ~

    “Dogs are also important family, I made the café which could come with dogs.”

    Ms. Rie was lost her dog who was 12 years old. All of her family was being in deep grief, but they met Tino who were looking for foster parents at that time.
    At a glance, "I felt she would be my family! It was love at first sight.”, Ms. Rie said.
    Tino is wheedling child in nowadays but she could not be relaxing with attaching the body to a person when adopted. However, Tino loves watching TV and relaxing with leaning on her family’s side in now. “It is the happiest time for me.”, Ms. Rie said.

    Ms. Rie is an owner of the café “Breakfast & Brunch Jade5”, which could come with dogs.
    And thus, the café is becoming popular for dog lovers in neighbor to communicate about dogs.
    I thought it is ideal for all of dog lovers that to adopt rescued dogs naturally and to have a relaxing time with their own lovely dogs in the comfortable café.

    ◆Family members; Ms. Rie, parents, grandparents, Tino (the toy poodle, 4 years old)

WANTED, Worldwide reporters for researching world companion animal welfare.

Some countries such as Switzerland, it require a qualification for living with dogs, while others like Taiwan, you can live calmly in the town without lead. EU dogs have their own passport.
We are looking for companion animal lovers who report different companion animal welfare situation in your country. Welcome both Japanese living overseas and any nationalities.
It would be understood that it is a Volunteer with no compensation for better animal welfare in Japan. We would like you to report freely your boasting of your home country story, or a little embarrassing one.
Those are introduced as English & Japanese in the Animal Donation Website.